Effect of deltametrin (Delcid) on the reproductive ability of laboratory mice

DOI: 10.29296/2618723X-2020-04-04

M.A. Ilinskaya, D.Yu. Akimov

Scientific-Production Organisation «Home of Pharmacy»
188663, Russia, Leningrad oblast, Vsevolozhskiy district, Kuzmolovskiy t.s., Zavodskaya st. 3-245
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Keywords: laboratory animals mice endoparasites deltametrin reproduction fertility

For citation:

Ilinskaya M.A., Akimov D.Yu. Effect of deltametrin (Delcid) on the reproductive ability of laboratory mice. Laboratory Animals for Science. 2020; 4. https://doi.org/10.29296/2618723X-2020-04-04


The key to successful research on laboratory animals is their quality. In the conditions of the domestic market of laboratory animals, there are a number of constraining factors, and it is almost impossible to purchase animals in the required volume. In this regard, our preclinical center is engaged in breeding 11 types of laboratory animals. When preparing laboratory animals, we pay special attention to their health, including preventive measures including insecticide treatment. This paper considers a spontaneously recorded practical case of negative influence of deltametrin (Delcid)on the reproductive function of outbred mice and BALB/c mice. The drug Delcid was used in our test mode for insecticide treatment of mice.

After application of the drug Dalziel, recorded a sharp decline in calving. Conducting the analysis, we found that the first mating of outbred mice 14 days after the use of the drug Delcid, the percentage of females who gave birth was zero. At the time of the second mating, 40 days after the use of the drug Delcid, the percentage of females who gave birth did not exceed 30%, and the output of offspring did not exceed 3.3±0.49 heads, which indicates a high level of breeding stock. The results of the third mating, which was conducted after 64 days, were also not satisfactory. the average yield of offspring was 5.5±1.09, and the percentage of females who gave birth was 66%, while the average yield of offspring of outbred mice should be 7-8 heads. The fertility of BALB / c mice did not exceed 10% in all three mating sessions, which indicates a high virility, without a tendency to recovery.

After the establishment of high venom of mice, after treatment with the drug Delcid, a literary review of domestic and foreign literature was made. After analyzing the publications of domestic authors, we found that in Russia, the effect of deltametnir on the reproductive function of mice was not studied at all. While foreign colleagues have established the facts of negative influence of deltametrin on gametogenesis in mice.

Full text avaliable in Russain only.

Authors ' contributions

Ilinskaya M.A. – idea, design development, collection and systematization of material, writing and editing of text.

Akimov D.Yu. – writing and editing text.


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