Dependence Of Liquid Intake In Laboratory Mice From Diet

DOI: 10.29296/2618723X-2018-03-10

M.V. Lopatina, E.N. Petritskaya, A.L. Ivlieva Moscow regional Clinical Research Institute. M. f. Vladimirsky Moscow Russia St. Schepkina 61/2, 129110 E-mail: [email protected]

Keywords: laboratory animals liquid intake diet mixed fodder fresh food

For citation:

Lopatina M.V., Petritskaya E.N., Ivlieva A.L. Dependence Of Liquid Intake In Laboratory Mice From Diet. Laboratory Animals for Science. 2018; 3.


With the experimental setup in which the test substance is taken by laboratory animals as a drinking solution, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of influence of the composition of their diet on the intake of liquid in order to calculate the amount of the substance that has entered the body. The amount of liquid consumed by the animal was calculated to assess the average daily liquid intake by intact animals depending on the type of feeding: fresh food and grain or only mixed fodder. Two equal groups of mice were compiled: the first group received mixed fodder, and the second group - fresh vegetables and grains. The consumption of liquid by the animals which had been receiving mixed fodder containing little water, exceeded that of those fed with fresh food almost twice, even in the absence of any factors that affect animals, except for the diet. Consequently, the dependence of liquid intake on the diet can significantly affect the amount of intake of the dissolved test substance into the body, which may affect the interpretation of the effects of its influence.


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